Raed Charafeddine- Banque Du Liban’s Sustainable Governance At Times Of Turmoil

The International Business Research Group (GRAI), in collaboration with the MINDSMASTER and the John Michael Farhat Foundations, is pleased to invite you to a conference given by the Vice Governor of the Bank of Lebanon, Mr. Raed Charafeddine, on Tuesday March 20, 2018 from 11:45 am to 1 :30pm (Room BDC – first floor) : Banque du Liban’s Sustainable Governance at Times of Turmoil.

Banque du Liban’s Sustainable Governance at Times of Turmoil

The increasingly complex challenges of our globalized and volatile world, culminating in the global financial crisis and the successive regional political-socioeconomic-security crises, have inflicted extraordinary pressures on governments. This is particularly true for Lebanon, which has experienced intense pressures in the recent years due to war and conflicts in neighbouring conflicts. This has led to a flow of immigrants that has created new challenges for the country.

These pressures have forced governments—Lebanon in particular—to devise policies and mechanisms to address the challenges and risks inherent to these pressures. As a result, governments and international organizations have been directed towards the formulation of innovative policies in governance that serve the objectives of inclusive and sustainable growth.

During the recent years, Banque Du Liban has based its monetary policy on sustainable governance implementations that comprise a regulatory role, which targets financial stability and a monetary role, which pursues monetary stability and economic growth and development through conventional and unconventional means.

During his talk, Mr. Charafeddine will share his toughts on these challenges as well as on the Banque’s response and how we can learn from this experience to offer a more stable future in the region.